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Flirting With DisasterRuthie Knox 5 BKs / 4 WKs
I keep saying, “this book she wrote is my fave." Then I read another & I say it again & mean it again. H&h: joyful! Me: lols & oohs & ahhs.
Favorite Quotes:
"She felt like growling. If she had claws, she’d sink them into Sean’s neck and shake him until words started falling out of his mouth" (Loc 527-528). 
"She ought to resent him for it, for withholding the sound of his voice so long that it became a gift he could give her" (Loc 627-628). 
"He really needed to stop calling her “sexy,” because they were not on television, and it was not 1978, and he did not have a mustache and a giant pelt of curly chest hair" (Loc 818-820). 
There are so many more favorites, but you'll have to read it to find your own. 

Sealed with a Kiss is my favorite so far. 4.5 BKs / 4 WKs
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any and allCarly Philips
Clean Version

I thought character mattered > plot, then I read Carly Philips: Can’t. Stop. Her band of friends are plotmonkies, but she’s a plotmaestro.

Censored Version

Carly Philips is a like Macklemore’s Zebra Jammies and she can “rock that [plot] like a motherfucker.” 

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Backstage Pass: Sinners On TourOliva Cunning 3.5 BKs / 3 WKs
SOOO much sex buries smart subplot of groupie psychology. But: cringy bandmates grow gradually lovable. Liked in spite of its/my own issues.

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Review Explanations
  • The story and writing: Bee's Knees5 BKs should melt my cold, bitter heart.
  • The sexy times: Weak Knees5 WKs should make you, to quote my grandmother, want to "roll over and wake up your husband."

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