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The Story GuyMary Ann Rivers

The Story Guy, Mary Ann Rivers 5 BKs / 4.5 WKs
There are no sentences, just words. 
Tender. Focused. Aching. Exquisite.
 Favorite Quotes
“...tenderness is coming over me again. He looks like he could use the biggest cup of coffee in the world and a sandwich. And a shower. Maybe a whiskey to drink in the shower after he finishes his sandwich.”

Making It LastRuthie Knox 

Making It LastRuthie Knox 5 BKs / 4 WKs
Marriage is not a happy ever after, but a (mean) choice to love and be loved, remade everyday.
 Favorite Quotes
“Everything could be broken, the light in a marriage gone out, and still be fine.” 
“You gave up the grand illusion that had carried you through the horrific months of early parenthood, and you realized it was never, ever going to get easier.” 

 Lady of PersuasionTessa Dare      4.5* BKs / 4 WKs
Dare’s gift: giving exterior dimension to interiors. Bel’s passionate & shamed. Toby’s charm can’t sustain them. Each coming into their own.
 Favorite Quotes
“She’d fallen in love with her husband and now everything was ruined” (261).
*The amazon reviews are all over the place on this one and I can only guess it's because the readers weren't smart enough to get its nuances. It turns the reformed-rake trope on its head and does it well.

A hero with anxiety issues. A best friend who cries during sex. (I love disaster sex!) And slow, mature realism at the end.
 Favorite Quotes
“What she didn’t know was that the truth sometimes beat you down and chewed you up and ruined your life” (57).

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Review Explanations
The story and writing: Bee's Knees5 BKs should melt my cold, bitter heart.
The sexy times: Weak Knees5 WKs should make you, to quote my grandmother, want to "roll over and wake up your husband."

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