We concluded our Iowa visit on the 5th. We boiled in Iowa; we're broiling in Sacramento. Those Delta Breezes are so welcome this week! Here are some of the highlights.

Jess and Mom at Happy Joe's

Heidi and Hanna


Wacky Decor at Happy Joe's

Heidi and Austin playing

Ben with the liquid nectar that is soda

Austin before his haircut from Aunt Cherri, which he requested

Austin during his haircut

Army PR at the 4th of July festivities by the River

I'd never seen this military ceremony before. Three planes go out, two come back. You can see the two planes circling back; they are the dots of light in the upper right. 

Army paratroopers. They land exactly on the "x."

Big moon over the Mississippi

Kevin insists on taking photos of the fireworks; this was the most artistic.

My sisters

Benjamin had a sore back from sleeping on the floor; we splurged for a $6 massage at the airport.

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