Welcome to Friday folks. We've only got a couple of weeks left before spring semester is over; hang in there.

Don't Watch the News. This great piece in the Guardian discussed why the news is bad for you. What the news really does is make this feel true:

Via The New Yorker

Wonk-o-Praise. I think all the ladies who write for Wonk-o-Mance are quite brilliant. This piece last week about Hallelujah and the comments following are fabo!

M.A. in Porn. We went to grad school too soon. There is now a Journal of Porn Studies. I'm sure a useless major will follow.

Young and Brave. There is something so innocent about this song my heart catches in my throat.

Boxes and Cats. Of course big cats like cardboard boxes as much as toddlers and house cats. Of course.

Fat Graph. This graph of how fast we got fat is stunning.

Young Science. Great story about a young person doing good science on organics.

Cutest Ever. My husband actually forwarded me this link of the 50 cutest things on buzzfeed.

Save a spot for me.

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